Experience a truly unique helicopter experience, taking you to otherwise inaccessible places with Fly Byron. Our range of helicopter services offers everything from private helicopter rides soaring over the most breathtaking landscapes and seascapes to high-speed helicopter transfers for corporate travellers.
What it feels like
Flying in a helicopter is an extraordinary way to take in the views. Whether you’re a tourist wanting to experience something new and exciting, or a local looking to explore your local area from an entirely different perspective, helicopter rides are unique and provide an incomparable experience. With helicopter rental services at your disposal, booking a helicopter ride and taking to the skies has never been easier.
For an especially luxurious helicopter experience, rent a private helicopter and enjoy unparalleled views in style. Helicopter rides are the perfect way to take in your surroundings from a completely different angle wherever you’re located.
Some of the most popular tourist spots in Byron Bay that you’ll see from the sky
• Byron Bay lighthouse – the oldest and most iconic lighthouse in Australia. It stands tall on the cape at the easternmost point of Australia, providing helicopter passengers with an amazing view along the coast.
• Wategos Beach – a beautiful stretch of sand backed by lush rainforest. Take a helicopter ride over Wategos Beach and be awe-inspired by its beauty!
• The Pass – a popular spot for surfers and beachgoers alike. See the bustling activity from the sky by helicopter as you soak in the beauty of the beach and coastline from above.
• Belongil Beach – is a secluded, peaceful beach near Byron Bay’s town centre. Admire its beauty on a helicopter ride and marvel at the stunning views it has to offer!
• Tallows Beach – located on the northern side of Byron Bay, this beach offers stunning views of the ocean and Cape Byron. Book a helicopter ride to get an aerial view of the beach and its surroundings.
How safe and comfortable the experience is
Book yourself an experience of a lifetime with the luxury private helicopter services. You’ll be assured of having the ride of a lifetime while flying over some of the most iconic tourist spots in Byron Bay. It is safe and comfortable as helicopter rentals are designed to provide maximum comfort during the flight. Experience a helicopter ride while taking in breathtaking views of Byron Bay from above!
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