Celebrate your 40th with Fly Byron and end up at Eltham Pub!

The ultimate way to celebrate a special birthday – like a 40th with your close mates.

Our Eltham Pub package is for groups ranging from 2 – 5 people with the options of two trips for larger group sizes.

Fly Byron Aircraft available:

  • AS350 – 5 passengers
  • R44 Raven – 3 passenger

Located in the historical town of Eltham – 15 minutes from Lismore, is the Eltham Pub.

A classic country hotel that has stood the test of time, with quirky 5 rooms above the pub having been recently restored and each with a story to tell.

The pub fare is top notch with people travelling for kilometres to enjoy the food, a beer and the picturesque town.

Other Fly Byron Experiences available are:

Each package can be tailored to offer you a completely individual experience.

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fly byron eltham pub
fly byron eltham pub